We will continue to update this page as necessary with new information. Check our events calendar HERE.

Heritage House is closed to the public, and the staff is working from home until further notice. We will check phone messages every day, but emailing with any questions or concerns is the best option. Thank you for understanding.

  • Get outside for physical and mental wellbeing, but do it safely
  • While getting outside, please follow the CDC guidelines for health and safety. PLEASE, DO NOT go for a walk if you are exhibiting symptoms. Clear recommendations can be found here.
  • When you visit a preserve, always have a plan B and C if you arrive at a full parking area. View preserve and access information here.
  • You will notice the below sign posted at our trailheads, for everyone’s safety please do not use the sign in box and there are no brochures available at this time. Regional trail guides are available for free on our office door at 420 Sunset Rd. Deer Isle.
  • We request that dog owners to keep pets leashed in order to better prevent close contact interactions.