Appreciation of Lloyd Capen, one of IHT’s founders

The Island lost one of its treasures March 23, 2008 with the passing of Lloyd Capen. Not long ago in an interview about his part in forming Island Heritage Trust, Lloyd recalled signing the IHT incorporation papers in April of 1987 with Jean Welch, Dud Hendrick and Cherie Mason. Lloyd described how Ruth Small Harris developed a data base for IHT with Rowan Wakefield, and they then turned around and shared that for the Medical Center and Memorial Ambulance Corps. Lloyd will also be remembered for his part in founding the Island Nursing Home. Talk about a star on a dream team!

Lloyd credited everyone who has settled here and worked for the preservation of natural areas, recognizing that our heritage is also natural. “There is no prettier seaport than Stonington,” he said. “Our beautiful islands are essentially a welcome to people to come and spend whatever time they can to enjoy the land and the people. It is the community we have created here together that is our heritage. I always feel a thrill when I come over the Causeway and see folks enjoying the beach and the bar where I used to clam as a kid.”

When praised for his book, his career, his High Meadow orchard, and his civic contributions, he modestly replied, “We just did what was expected of us in our time.” Reminiscing about life’s true satisfactions Lloyd added, “I counted it a great honor to play second base for the Stonington baseball team. Being a Deer Isle boy, that meant I was accepted as being a good person.”

A good person indeed, Lloyd, with his genial nature exemplifying the best of working together for the good of the whole Island. Lloyd Capen is a citizen who will be greatly missed.

–Island AdVantages