Looking for Summer Outdoor Adventures for the Family?

Families are invited to join Environmental Educator, Martha Bell, at various IHT Preserves throughout July and August to play games and learn about the world around you! No registration required. Call 207-348-2455 with any questions!

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 10-11:30AM

Habitat Safari at Shore Acres Preserve: Come play games and use scientific equipment to explore fields, forest and shoreline habitats. Nets, magnifiers and keen eyes will uncover the mystery of what lives in each distinct habitat.

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 10-11:30AM

Lowtide Wonder at Causeway Beach: Come explore the shore where the sea’s treasures are revealed. Snails, clams and crabs maybe be hidden under mud or seaweed …until they are spotted by YOU! Be amazed by what lives at the edge of the sea.


Nature’s Rainbow at Scott’s Landing Preserve: Vibrant berries, iridescent shells, neon insects. We will explore field, forest, and beach habitats to find colors that exist in secret places. Let’s look close, discover color, and ponder why

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 10-11:30AM

Incredible Insects at Mariners Memorial Park: Let’s dive into the world of insects! We will look for ants, spittle bugs, grasshoppers, bees, crickets ……and maybe even a preying mantis!  Bug boxes and magnifying lenses will open our eyes to amazing tools of insect survival.