If you have recently visited the Lisa Tolman Wotton (LTW) Preserve or our Heritage House, you may have noticed the beautiful kiosks that welcome you to these locations.

Funded through the Davis Conservation Foundation, the kiosk at LTW Preserve was designed and constructed by local carpenter Josh Worthington. The kiosk is related to the preserve through the information provided to visitors and because the wood comes from the preserve itself! In a collaborative plan with IHT and Josh Worthington, an invasive black locust tree was purposed to make the structural posts of the kiosk. By removing the invasive species from our preserves, we also provided a robust and rot-resistant structure. Cedar was extracted from an area that needed thinning for the kiosk’s other structural material. We’re confident it will withstand the natural elements and stand proudly for many years to come.

A second kiosk was funded through the Maine Land Trust Network COVID-19 Response Grant. Following the same sustainable design process as the LTW structure, the Heritage House kiosk was constructed to keep IHT connected with the community while the doors of Heritage House had to remain closed to the public. This locally sourced project is an excellent example of how IHT employs healthy forest management and sustainable sourcing practices in our land stewardship! With your support, we hope to make this the model behind all of our kiosks going forward.

Our goal is to build new kiosks for Church Land and Shore Acres preserves, which currently do not have these structures. Additionally, we would like to replace old and worn signage, as well as install new weather/UV resistant maps at all existing kiosks.