Friends From The Field Webinars

Nightlife: How Animals Adapt their Senses for Success in the Dark

Co-hosted Webinar Series with Blue Hill Heritage Trust

Thursday, August 27th, 4:00-5:00 pm 


More than half the animals that live on this planet are nocturnal and have adapted their senses to succeed living in a world with limited vision.
This presentation will look at some of those remarkable adaptations. It will also consider how we can explore our senses of taste, touch, hearing, and smell and prepare ourselves to better appreciate them in both the day and the night world. Spoiler: night sounds will be played!
Karen O. Zimmermann is a Maine Master Naturalist and author of “Nightwalk, Using All Your Senses To Explore the Natural World.”
This is the 17th in our webinar series co-hosted by BHHT and Island Heritage Trust, featuring local naturalists, professionals from environmentally focused organizations, and outdoor learning experts to share their knowledge, virtually, during a time when we can’t all be out in the field together.
The webinars take place LIVE every Thursday from 4-5pm! We will record the webinar so that if you wish to view it but can’t participate at that time, the presentation will be available to you on our websites and social media.
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