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Salamander Big Night

What’s black with yellow spots and looks like a dinosaur? A spotted salamander, Ambystoma maculatum, of course. And on the first warm rainy night of spring, usually in early April here, you can see them in hundreds crossing the roads of the Island. It’s a wildlife spectacular of sorts. At six to nine inches long, […]

Settlement Quarry April excerpt ‘Beads and String’

~Beads & String~ A Maine Island Pilgrimage by Marnie Reed Crowell and Ann Flewelling “Join natural history writer Marnie Reed Crowell and photographer Ann Flewelling as they take you through a year, month by month, visiting some gems of conserved lands encircling Deer Isle. It is a pilgrimage you’ll want to join as they introduce you […]

How Campbell’s Cove Became Gray’s Cove

By Bill Haviland, IHT Trustee. One of the Island Heritage Trust’s more popular preserves is the Reach Beach at Gray’s Cove. But Gray’s Cove wasn’t always called that; originally it was Campbell’s Cove and the land to the south, now Oak Point, was called Campbell’s Neck. The original name comes from John Campbell (1730-1820), a […]

Scott’s Landing Preserve Officially Open

A large crowd turned out for the Scott’s Landing Grand Opening August 5 three years after the campaign began to purchase one of the last unspoiled shore land parcels on Deer Isle. Ciona Ulbrich of Maine Coast Heritage Trust and IHT President Bill Haviland untied the symbolic ribbon with over 50 people in attendance including […]

Haviland Story of William Eaton’s Bull

Before its acquisition by Nathaniel Scott in 1784, what we now know as Scott’s Landing belonged to Major William Eaton, one of Deer Isle’s earliest English-speaking settlers. Born in Massachusetts, he worked his way down east and in 1742, we find him in York, Maine where he married Meribah Wardwell. Her father was an Abenaki […]

Looking Back: 20 Years of IHT’s Dedication To Land Conservation

IHT celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Celebration at this year’s Annual Meeting held at Heritage House, its future permanent home. After acknowledging the contributions of many including founder Rowan Wakefield, President Ken Crowell highlighted many accomplishments of IHT including its community programs – Adopt-A-Preserve Program, collaboration with Island Community Center in providing summer programs […]

2007 Quarryography Astounds

Where else can an excavator upstage a dance troupe? Only in the region’s most unique collaboration between a land trust, an arts organization, a quarry, and a machine artist. Full of surprises, this year’s four, full-scale Quarryography dance performances wowed over 1600 enthusiasts at IHT’s Settlement Quarry against a backdrop of perfect Maine summer weather. That […]

School Outreach Programs

Island Heritage Trust is taking its school programs to a whole new level! Read Mike Little’s letter to the editor from the November 21, 2013 Island Ad-vantages to find out how. More info on the Marine Studies Pathway. Adopt-A-Preserve Program In Full Swing It is a great hands-on natural history experience for the children to […]