Letterboxing - an Introduction

Letterboxing Passport Cover

"Letterboxing is an intriguing mixture of hiking, puzzle solving, treasure hunting, and rubber stamp artistry, topped off with the thrill of discovery. The pastime can take you to stunning and special outdoor places you never knew existed, lead you through a maze of local history and lore, and challenge you with mind-boggling riddles and puzzles; or it can simply guide you on a fun, relaxing half-hour walk with the kids or the dog, or on a straightforward day hike through rugged wilderness.

There is something for everyone in this quaint old-world pastime. Artists and writers enjoy the opportunity to express themselves in their stamps and clues, while hikers and outdoor adventurers have found it an excellent way to share their special places with others." From The Letterboxer's Companion by Randy Hall (FalconGuides, 2011)

IHT has set up a letterboxing trail through all its preserves, as well as Tennis Preserve, Barred Island, Crockett Cove Woods and Mariners Park. Somewhere along the trail you will find a "letterbox" with an official stamp and a notebook. Use the stamp in your "Passport to the Preserves" and write us a note in the booklet. Come to the IHT office (420 Sunset Road, Deer Isle) to get your official "Passport to the Preserves" - collect all the stamps and come back to IHT for a prize and get your name entered into the drawing for the grand prize (a Field Guide) to be drawn in September. The letterboxes come in two styles - a large deep box with a lid and a smaller open-faced box - inside is a plastic container with the stamp, etc. They are located along a trail on each preserve - they are not hidden, but they may not be obvious at first.

There are other Letterboxes on Deer Isle - though IHT cannot guarantee that they are actively maintained.

For more information visit: www.letterboxing.org


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